Useful Information

Benefits of Pistachio

- Vitamin B1 in its content helps formation blood, decreases cholesterol in the blood and optimizes brain functions such as comprehension ability and learning. - Vitamin B1 also has positive effect on energy, growth and appetite. It is necessary for stomach, intestine and heart muscles. - It protects against aging and decreases the effects of cigarette and alcohol. - It is a fibrous food. It is known that fibrous foods ensure more balanced increasing of blood glucose and beneficial to prevent constipation and some cancer types. It has been established that as much as the pulp intake increases the coronary heart diseases and risks to occur as a result decrease. For the pulp creates a feeling of saturation for a long time and decreases food intake, it has decreasing effect on cholesterol fats in the blood. As the pulpy foods shorten exposure time to carcinogen harmful substances in the intestine and decrease their contact with the intestine wall, they help protection against cancer.