Established as a manufacturer, exporter and importer company since 1955, Özkaradeniz Group is the leader and pioneer company of its sector in Turkey.

Our company has specialized in Turkish pistachio production and supply, thus it has formed cooperation with many leading company of the world in its sector.

Our company acting with innovative strategy in trade and all related areas supplies dried nuts, spices, legumes and dried fruits to its customers.With our worldwide sales network we supply Turkish pistachios to Europe, America and the other countries who can make competition in food. We serv our product, in best and freshest conditions and in special packages, to our customers.

Thanks to steady growth, Özkaradeniz Group has achieved a phenomenal success in the international trade since its establishment.

Özkaradeniz is a brand of Aktif Antrepo Lojistik San. Ve Tic. LTD.ŞTİ

Vision – Mission

Our basic purpose is to provide maximum quality and service in the shortest time with the lowest cost for the related products and services covered by our field of activity. As a part of this commitment, we manufacture and offer the highest quality foods.

As Ozkaradeniz, our performance is based on honesty and hard work in principle. Our employees adopt a customer oriented philosophy and unconditional customer satisfaction. By providing the most reliable service, the lowest price and the highest flexibility possible to our customers in all transactions, we ensure that both parties achieve optimum benefit.

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