Although our company was established with association of Ozkara and Deniz families, who are from gentries of Gaziantep, under the title Ozkara & Deniz A.S. in 1986, the roots of our establishment dates back to 1955 when our founders Haci Sakip Ozkara and his son Mehmet Ali Ozkara started to purchase and sell pistachio in their two-storey store in Sirehanı, one of the oldest commercial buildings of the region, in 1955.

In 1986, our company began to manufacture, process and export / import foodstuff all around the world under the leadership of deceased Burhaneddin Ozkara.

Özkaradeniz Group is managed by Mehmet Ali Ozkara and Sinan Ozkara who are the third generation representatives of the family.

The growth speed of Ozkaradeniz group has increased more and the following companies were established and joined to the group companies respectively: Aktif Warehouse Logistics, Ozkara Nut and Ozkaradeniz Logistics.